Google Adsense: Sharing Some Conclusions About My Blogs Performance

I mentioned before that I´m making a few experiences with my blogs advertising, and they´re not over yet, but I´d like to share a few thoughts about Adsense. Well, I´ve been using Adsense for content in three different blogs and I´d like to share how they´re performing. Maybe some of you reached the same conclusions, feel welcome to share yours.

~Adsense delivered advertising more often when one of my blogs was frequently updated, maybe it´s my overall impression, but this is a proven fact for me at least in a one of my blogs. When I spent over one week without posting all I got was public service ads.

~Adsense adverts served depend on the posts content and keywords, that is logic, but try posting about a different topic everyday, don´t work your blog´chore keywords, then check out what happens to the adverts you get.
As I sometimes joke, Adsense gets confused, and either servs advertising that matches the latest post content, and probably mixed with adverts that don´t match it, or delivers public service. So, I think that focusing on a few topics works better that mixing content.

~ To my surprise, my best performing blog with Adsense (in the last two months) is in Portuguese, with over 50 clicks in June. It´s a blog about "Glass Art" that I have since late 2007. I spent four months without updating it, but in the last three I´ve been posting more often. I try to optimize the content the best I can, but I focus on post only about art glass.
Results: Third place, and sometimes forth, in Google search results for the words: arte em vidro. This blog has more than 100 visitors every day only from search engines, not bad for a recently awaken blog.

My second best performing blog is My-countryhome where sometimes I get real estate adverts, mostly when I post about Algarve. I think this niche is worth trying because it´s a topic of my interest and CPM or clicks are well paid.

So, my blogs performance with Adsense was much better in a less competitive niche, than in the Make Money Online niche. I read somewhere that webmasters and bloggers developed advertising blindness and I agree. I guess it happened the same with me because I rarely click on adverts.

So, that´s all for today and see you soon.

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Mar Matthias Darin said...

I recommend adding to AdSense through Amazon or AdBrite context ads. Devirsafication is the best way to insure an income if you are attempting to use blogging as a stable income generator.

It is never good to have only one source as the Internet is too volatile.

Mizé said...

Hi Mathias, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts about this topic.
I´d really like to use other advertising options but I keep hesitating when it comes to contextual ads, they anoy me when I visit other blogs. I guess I´ll check out those options as I´m already a Amazon affiliate. Your advice is very wise, from now on, I´m gonna work to diversify. Cheers!

Mar Matthias Darin said...

I use both Amazon and AdBrite contextual ads on my blog. There are many options to blend the ads in or make them stand out. With Amazon, you can also specify what may and may not be used for the contentual scanning.

I let Amazon scan my article, but not the comments that my readers leave. This way the reader doesn't leave with the feeling that that are being monetized.

Look over your options and experment to get the best combination that fits your blog.

Mizé said...

Hi Matthias. Thanks for visiting. I´m an Amazon affiliate too, but it hasn´t worked for me that well...I checked Adbrite, but there´s something in TOS that made me think twice: They ask for a receipt to pay us? And the minimum payout is 100.00 by check? So, I decided to look elsewhere. Kontera is an option but I hate their advertising when I visit other sites, so now I´m trying Vadpay, let´s see how this works...the minimum is 10.00 by Paypall (which I prefer) and they pay by click and impressions.
I´d like to thank you for all your support, you´re a great blogger and friend. Cheers!