Blogger Status: TGIF!

Hi all. TGIF, again. Well, I really love weekends because it´s when I have the chance to do the things I can´t do during the week. After all the worries, and sleepless nights because of school I can finally rest a bit my eyes from the “only words texts” and hang out in the blogosphere.
My blogging agenda didn´t work very well in the first week I tried to apply it. I managed to write posts for my blogs but I didn´t post them on the days I had defined. I guess I still have to work a bit more on my organizing solutions.
I´m very tempted to start another blog, but I´m not sure what to do. In Night Clicks I post reviews and make money topics, in My Country Home I post about my family´s project of saving money to build our own first house, but there are topics that I´d like to blog but don´t seem to fit any of my blog´s core themes.
One of my readers suggested that I should start a new blog and I´ve been thinking about this the whole week. Well, now that I have school vacations it wouldn´t be difficult to update another blog but I´m worried about wintertime, when my work load is much higher.
Well, whatever I decide I´ll keep you updated.
See you soon.

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