Eurograduate Live – The European Graduate Carrer Guide & Information, the European Graduate Career Guide is a well designed website that provides a variety of useful tools and information related to graduate career advice. The website loads very fast, is easy to navigate and isn´t loaded with advertising.
Eurograduate provides a career database that features graduate employment opportunities in different European countries. With this tool you can search jobs using different criteria. You can search by name of organization, industry, occupation, degree or country. This tool can be very handy, specially if you´re looking to work abroad. You can use this tool with a broad search or refine the criteria to match your query.
Eurograduate website also provides an education database where you can find details of courses and further learning opportunities. In this database you can search by subject , both as a research programme or as a taught course, which is very useful for those students who intend to continue studying but don´t know which choices are available to them.
What makes Eurograduate website even more useful is the Market Reports section and the Article´s archives.
The Market Reports section includes articles on topics like: Automotive, banking, finance, engineering, graduate recruitment, life sciences, postgraduate studies, personal development, travel, tourism, working abroad, amongst others.
The article´s section includes updated information on topics like: Universities, working abroad, finance, communications, culture, entertainment, fashion, food and drink, gadgets, health and beauty, science fact, amongst many others. Articles are updated and well written. Besides all this useful information this website also provides a section about preferred employer focus in companies like Erickson, and another section that helps you build a better Curriculum Vitae, your marketing instrument, and adapt it to different European countries.
So, if you´re looking for graduate career advice & information, or you´d like to read some good articles about the topics mentioned above, check out Eurograduate website.

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