Looking for Domain and Hosting Info

I´ve been looking for information about domains and web hosting, because I´d like to have my own. There are so many options available, so many hosting companies and reseller that I need all the info I can get before I can make up my mind. I came across a few websites that have articles and hosting reviews. By visiting this websites I think I learned a few things:

First: It´s not possible to have unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a low price. Shared hosting is a common practise that makes possible prices like $6.00 to $10.00 dollars a month. Any company that promotes the unlimited idea has hidden fees and restrictions. We have to read small letters in contracts, TOS and agreements carefully. Companies sometimes oversell.

Second: Buy the domain name from a trusted company and be sure it´s registered in your name. This way you don´t get "stuck" if you want to change, and it´s supposed to be safer. There are scams in this industry too.
Cheap domains aren´t worthy.

Third: You get what you pay for. If you want top noch service and first class support, you´ll have to pay more for it.

I´d like to share the list of sites I visited that have info and reviews. I think it´s a good idea to look around because not all have the same opinions, and I´m not sure who´s right. Anyway, here it goes:










Which hosting are you using? Are you happy with their services?
Share your two cents in a comment.

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Troy Franklin said...

I use Host4Profit, which is has an excellent reseller program and the famous Warrior Forum.

Mizé said...

Hi Troy. Thanks for commenting, and for your tip. I´ll sure check that out too.

Mar Matthias Darin said...

For me, the best option was to do the work myself. I have a business DSL line and built my server from scratch. Its a lot of work, but ultimately I have the final say over the entire process.

Mizé said...

Hi M. Darin. Thanks for dropping by. I wish I had the tech skills to do like you did, but I´m just a girl who likes to blog and socialize, anyway, I always want to learn more.

Mar Matthias darin said...

The hardware was the easy part. Figuring out some of the software was a real challenge at times.

Mar Matthias Darin said...

Thanks for dropping in and commenting on my blog. Also thanks for the question regarding web hosting.

I have put up a post regarding choosing a web host that your readers may be interested in.

London Cosmetic Dentist said...

Oh thanks dear. I registered myself to a hosting last month and i found out that too..limited bandwidth and also one hosting with only one domain! Well, thanks for the list you provided. I will make a review and try to buy a hosting as im looking for a better one!