Blogger Status

Hi. Night Clicks blogger status today is: Busy.
A new month has started and, as usual, it´s time to work on the money balance conclusions and in new posts for my blogs.
Meantime I´d like to share a few things: A new PTC site opened doors, and it´s called, imagine...Night! Bahhh, there goes the brand I´ve been using...wasted on a PTC site. I should have registered that domain before but it seems I´ve been sleeping :)
Moving on, I´m enjoying Entrecard. I´ve came across good blogs there, and I´m learning from them. My blog has had advertisers since the first day, and the last one I had in my Entrcard Widget was John Chow´s blog, I´m honored :)
Well, the fact is I´m learning from this opportunity, for example, about advertising companies I could use here in Night Clicks. Once I currently don´t have Adsense I should consider other ways of monetizing my blog. Lately I haven´t done anything about this. I also found a few more sites that work like Entrecard (ex:Bloghoop) I guess I have to check out how they work.
See you soon.

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