Mommy Bloggers That Like to Earn Money Online: Check out Social Spark

If you have been reading my blog lately, you already know that I´m a proud mom, working part-time in Education and studying in University. And because I have some free hours at night, I try to earn some money online while doing another thing I love: blogging.
If you´re a mommy blogger working from home, you should consider Social Spark as an option to earn some money and raise your children at the same time.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Social Spark is owned by IZEA, a paying company, and it´s much more than just a PPP site. Social Spark is a community where you can meet new mom bloggers, learn from their experiences and earn money at the same time completing sponsored opportunities available in the site’s marketplace.
There are a few earning options in Social spark. You´ll find three types of opportunities: Posts, blog sponsorship, which is paid by day, and sparks. Sparks are non paid opportunities, and I think they are a good way to exchange posts with other bloggers.
So, if you´re a mommy blogger who is looking for a away to earn some money using your free time in a profitable way, SocialSpark is just around the corner, don´t miss it.

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