Blogger Status

This weekend my blogger status is: Busy with the housework.
This Saturday we had a family birthday party, so I´ll only have Sunday to do the housework. With ironing to do, beds to change, and groceries to shop I guess this Sunday I´m not going anywhere special. I have to stick around and do the housework with a little help from my hubby. My daughter isn´t going to be happy with this, but it´s life. This Sunday she will have to enternain herself and do some summer homeworks from a new book I bought her.
I´m very proud of my daughter, she passed to the 3rd grade with A in all subjects. Her teacher said that she´s a very good student, and she could improve more if she became less stubborn (like her mum). She needs to concentrate more because she likes to talk (like her mum). So, for the summer I bought her an activities books so she doesn´t forget important things she learned.
See you soon.

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