Earning Money Online Options

As I mentioned in my previous post I need to find other earning options for Night Clicks. In order to know which are the best earning options I´ve been reading other blogs that are dedicated to the topic "make money online". I guess the best way to learn how to earn money is to know how others are doing it. There are many bloggers that share their experiences and many other post their earning balances.
For example, Steve Pavlina formula to earn money online (shared in his blog) includes: Google Adsense, Donations, Text Link Ads, Amazon, Link Share, Chitika and Minimalls. On the other hand, John Chow´s formula to earn money (posted in his blog) includes Paperjam Network, Dealdot, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Text Link Ads, and his own company, TT2 Media.
There are other bloggers that are using different combinations to earn money online. For example: Comission Junction, Sponsored Reviews, Blogtoprofit, Blogsvertise, Money4blogs, Adbrite, Widgetbucks, Project Wonderful, Auction Ads, Private Ads, etc. This list could go on and on.
My conclusion is that top bloggers are using combinations of different ways to earn money online, they mix several options included in: Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, with companies or privately, selling links and Blogging for money. It´s true, some of this top bloggers use GPT world in the form of Get Paid To Blog, writing sponsored reviews or posts in their blogs.
In a recent post I did a brief review of a website that has a list of top bloggers that earn money online. If you´d like to learn more, I guess the best way is to check out this list, visit the top blogs and learn from the best.
After investigating all this resources I now have to try some of this websites myself and find which are the best earning money options for Night Clicks. I know I should find a few different ways to earn money (don´t put all the eggs in one place, meaning, combine a variety of earning options) but right now, I´m not sure wich path to follow. When I make up my mind, as usual, I´ll share my adventures here in Night Clicks.
See you soon.

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