Free Logo Website

Not long ago I wrote a post where I mentioned that I was looking for a Logo for Night Clicks. I´d like to thanks Ultimate Learning Center for offering your help :)
Well, I was dropping cards on Entrecard and I came across a website where you can create a free logo.
It´s really simple to create a logo using this free tool. First you pick a background, you can customize your text with a click (type of letter and size), then you just have to save and use it. For a non tech girl like me, this fits perfectly. If I ever get to earn good money online, I´ll invest in a template and logo, something creative, designed just for me. Once my budget is low, and I´m saving money to invest on my own domain and hosting, free stuff is great.
You can find this website in:
Do you know other free tools? Drop a comment.

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