Funny Stuff for Blogs - Girl Stuff: Cute Avatars from Bless this Chick

It´s been awhile since I post something different from making money online. As you may have noticed I changed my picture for an avatar. I was a bit tired to see the same dark picture everyday, maybe I have to take a new one. The truth is I was dying to have a cute girly avatar but I didn´t know how to make it :)

Well, last night I came across this website where you can make one little cutie, and use it as an e-mail signature, or upload it to any website you like. Girl stuff!
My daughter just adored it, and I think it´s Ok to amuse myself. Ok, but not amuse myself to death, like Roger Water´s song. Yes, I´m a big fan of him too.
Well, the site is:
Have fun, and see you soon

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