To Night Clicks Readers

In the past three months I had more opportunities to write sponsored posts here in Night Clicks. As I mentioned in previous posts this is the only blog about earning money online that I have, and it´s my only source of income for sponsored posts. My other blogs are more for fun, I haven´t focused much on monetizing them, except with Adsense and a few affiliate links.
My objectives for Night Clicks are the same since I began this blog in November 2007: Earning money online to help me with my two projects, university and my first own home, therefor I can´t just ignore this way of making money. Thanks to sponsored posts I reached my first hundreds, much more money than I ever earned with other GPT websites, affiliate programs and advertising.
So, I thank all my readers for your patience, and I hope I can keep contributing with other useful content. Lately, I´ve been posting about free resources and info websites, which is something I enjoy doing.
As usual, suggestions of other ways to earn money online are welcome.
Drop me a comment with your best earners, it will be much appreciated.
See you soon.

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