Looking for Advertising Options for Night Clicks

In a previous post I mentioned that since I removed Adsense, I was looking for other advertising options to make money with Night Clicks. A few days ago I logged in my Adsense account and, to my surprise, I recently earned around five dollars from their ads in my other blogs. This isn´t much money, I´m very far from reaching their $100.00 payout, but I guess it´s better than nothing.
Night Clicks wasn´t approved in Project Wonderful and with Widget Bucks I earned more with referrals than from their CPM advertising. I also have a coupon for Bidvertiser but I don´t know if its worthy.
Once I´m not sure what to do, I guess the best thing for now is to go back to Adsense and try to check out other advertisers that don´t conflict with their ads. I´ve checked how some other bloggers are doing and I guess this is the best option. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a comment.

2 comentários:

Anonymous said...

hi miz
after 16 months of blogging, with 2blogs, I now have $50.10 in my google adsense account. So I'm half way there. :)

Mizé said...

Way to go! Much better than I did. I only started using their ads more seriously since January this year, but I´m a long way from the Payday.
2 blogs? I only know Move to Portugal, which one is the other?