Blogger Status: Busy with New Projects

Hi everyone.
I´m writing a blogger status post to let you all know that: first my hand is much better, almost back in shape, and second I´ve been really busy working in my new projects. As you might now (or not), I started a blog about Portuguese Food, called Portuguese Menu.
For a new blog it´s doing fine, it was indexed fast, I´m receiving a few visits from SE everyday, and a few clicks in Adsense too. Now I´m working to improve it.
If you´re a blogger you know what I mean: Statcounters, Directories, widgets, posts, pics, etc, and in my case recipe translations too.

I´m not very happy with the template, mostly because it won´t accept Blogger Navbar and I can´t customize the header linking zone like I thought. So, I spent some hours playing around with HTML code but I´m not pleased with the result. I guess I have to invest a few more hours in my blog´s design.
I read in another blog that not having the Blogger Navbar isn´t allowed by big G. Do you know something about this? If you do, please share.

So, those are the main reasons why this month I have less posts in My Countryhome blog and less drops in Entrecard. Sorry if I didn´t reciprocate all drops, it makes me feel guilty but my nights are short and I really need the time to work on my new blogs. This is the only way I can provide some useful content and sleep too.
I will need to post less in some blogs to make everything work fine without loosing many hours of sleep. My blogging empire is growing... :)
The exception will be Night Clicks, if I have more writing jobs, I´ll sure grab them because, so far, this month´s earnings weren´t better than June or July.
See you then.

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