My PR Experience - Part II

Continuing my PR experience...
After searching for a solution to recover Night Clicks PR, I came across a post from another blogger that had a similar experience. The post is called "How to get your Google Page Rank Back?" and you can read it in:
I followed the post advice and in the first week of May I applied the following measures:
~ I changed all the paid links to nofollow links by adding a simple tag in the HTML code;
~ I asked for reconsideration, there´s a feature in Google webmasters page that allows you to e-mail them. I sent an e-mail explaining that I had made the necessary changes in my blog to cope with Google Webmasters guidelines.

Google aswered my request in a week time and gave Night Clicks PR 1. Not much, but better than a zero. This happened last May and had a big affect on my earnings trough paid posts. When I had PR 4 I had many opportunities, more than I could handle, but with PR0 or 1 it´s very difficult to earn three figures.
In the recent PR update that took place in July, Night Clicks recovered to PR 2, my actual PR. I´m trying not to lose it again so I adopted a more rigorous link policy.

Maybe some don´t see paid posts with good eyes. I think it´s ok to do them as long as you keep posting other good content. I see this option of earning some income like any other type of blog advertising with a difference: you´re using content to promote advertisers instead of banners or contextual ads (and maybe earn more with it than with other ways). You just have to decide for yourself if you want to use it or not, but it´s good you aknowledge the PR problems you might encounter. To be honest, when I realised it is very difficult to have both PR and link revenue I was very devided. I avoided selling links in my sidebar but I see other bloggers doing it and not being penalized for that, which is not fair.
I´m still devided, I don´t use affiliate schemes much, I don´t sell any product or service and I´m not earning more money because of the PR issue. If I have to choose between PR and money I´m tempted to choose money because I have 3 other blogs where I blog mostly for fun. Since April 2008, Night Clicks became my best source of income and I´d like to keep it that way.
If you had to choose between money and PR, knowing it´s hard to have both doing sponsored posts, what would you do?

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MIRA said...

I'm with you on having PR = more opps. I don't like to figure out anymore how PR's are bestowed by Google. I saw a lot of blogs with high PR's but not much content to it and vice versa. I've got 6 blogs with only one with PR3, and that's my original blog that I created in 2006. It went down to 2 and then back to 3. And as soon as I got back my PR3 opps kept pouring in. I will try to check that link you suggested on how to get back your lost PR. Maybe that will help me earn a PR ;-). Thanks for sharing.
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The Mattias Chronicles said...

I know the feeling... Aparently there are a few firefox plugin that'll land you in "Google Hell" as well.... As I unwittedly discovered...

Mizé said...

Hi Mattias. Thanks for your visit and comment. You always bring something new...
Would you be kind enough to explain me a little more...or, who knows, it´s a topic for a post in your blog?
I´m confused about: what exactly is a plugin, and which Firefox plugins interfer in a site, and how.

Mizé said...

Hi Mira. Thanks for your visit and comment. I will sure check your blogs.
In general, I think PR has some different factors envolved:
~Links: Number and quality - PR of the links that point to your blogs; Relevance of that links to your niche; Number and quality of links from Directories and other authority sites;
For a better PR you should have many links pointed to your blogs, but fewer going out.
Content: It´s not only about quantity, it´s also about quality, although in blogs frequency is important, more than in another type of websites. Optimizing content for certain keywords and writing posts for humans to read (not machines) is difficult.
You may have heard, or read, "content is king" but not all content works to help you get PR and a good position is search engines. To have PR, a page´s content must be optmized for the keywords it´s trying to rank. All counts: titles of posts, keyword richness, tags and labels you use, your blog tittle and description, images, etc.
The percentage in which factor counts for PR (how it´s calculated) is Google´s Algorithm top secret, and that nobody nows, only G itself (at least I think so).
It´s good to read G webmasters guidelines, G webmasters website and blog for more info and updates. There are other sources to read, like Digital Point Forums, also check out my SEO tools posts here in Night Clicks.
Hope this info helps. Cheers.