Normality and Oddities

Sometimes I like to post funny stuff, so if you need a good laugh to start your week keep reading.
I just read an article that deals with serious questions in a very funny way which I think you might like. We all need a good laugh now and then, but this article does more than that, it discuss the point in which you stop being normal and start being nuts. The article discusses the question: Are You Normal or Nuts? Are your quirks cute or do they require professional attention?
This questions may sound strange, but have you ever thought about your oddities? Well, I have. I know that normality boundaries are defined by the society in which we are included but I also know that we all have our oddities.
For example, I´m trying to live more frugally and save money to achieve my projects. I just found that if I exaggerate and include a masochistic "I am not worthy" element in my frugality, I may develop a psychological issue that needs to be addressed. I also have a little perfectionist side, and tend to like or dislike things very much.
And you? Can you share with me some of your own oddities? Ok, even if you won´t share your oddities with me, this article is worth reading, and you can find it in Reader's Digest Laughs. Check it out.

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2 comentários:

Michelle said...

I am a big fan of Reader's Digest. They have a wonderful way of telling relevant humanistic stories that can either make you laugh or cry. And for the ones that do make you shed a few tears, there is always a funny joke at the turn of the page to get you back into good spirits. Thanks for the link. It had been a while since I visited their archives.

Mizé said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for your visit and comment.
I´m a fan of the humor section of their magazine since I was a young girl. I really enjoyed reading this article.