Blogger Status: Getting Better

Hi everyone.
I´m writing a quick blogger status message to let you know my hand is getting better. Slowly I´ve been able to write a few posts for my blogs but I´m having a hard time returning drops in Entrecard.
So, for Entrecarders I´d like to apologize if I don´t return drops every day now, but at night my hand gets worst and I have to rest from the net. I hope that in a few weeks I can return to my normal routines because now, beside my hand, all family is in vacation. With them around it´s more difficult to get things done :)
Also, I´m working in a new project, something I should have done some time ago. Anyway I´ll be updating my blogs as much as possible so you won´t miss me much, lol. If I don´t update Night Clicks, you´ll find me in my other blogs: My-countryhome or Portuguesemenu. See you soon.

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