RevResponse Payment

Hi everyone. Wish you all a good Sunday.
Remember my last post about RevResponse July promotion?
Well, on Saturday, I was checking my e-mails and there it was, the Paypal message saying that I was paid $50.00 dollars, as announced in the promotion. This is great news for my August balance.
RevResponse is a new ad network that offers free magazines, trial software and books for me and my blog visitors. With this network you get paid while you´re offering your readers free stuff, the words I like:) Check out the widget in my sidebar, where it says "Free e-books", if you click it you´ll find all the free offers available.
With this website you earn money each time someone downloads a free offer from your list and for each publisher you refer. If you have a blog or website, the 50.00 promotion ended, but you can still join Revresponse and earn money with them. If you´d like to sign up using my link, please click here: Revresponse Signup;
See you soon.

4 comentários:

what about blog said...

They paid me too. What an easy fifty bucks that was.


Bernhard said...

From time to time I look gladly here past, in order to read the well written contributions as suggestions. Here I would like to leave a greeting from Thuringia in Germany!

Mizé said...

Hi "What about blog". You´re absolutely right. It was a piece of cake and the free offers are cool too. Cheers.

Mizé said...

Hi Bernhard. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I´m very glad you like my simple blog and that you wrote a comment letting me know. I have a blog about Glass Art but it´s in Portuguese. Although I don´t understand German I think your website is cool too.
Cheers from Algarve in Portugal!