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Do you like cars? I do, specially classics or really cool cars.
Although I don´t drive a cool car one thing I like is to check out new models that come out every year and dream about the Jeep I´d like to have.
If you like cool cars I came across a good blog, called Coolsupercars, which is totally dedicated to the best top cars.
In Coolsupercars you can find pictures and reviews that have useful information about different car models. The blog already has a good number of posts that provide technical details about the cars so you´ll find plenty information to browse. My favorite supercar is the new Chevy Trailblazer SS, a powerful SUV that has a V8 engine, 20” wheels, and a sporty chassis, really cool. And you, which is your favorite cool car?

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RealWorldTattoos said...

I hope I'm not being a braggart but I have to luxury cars. We just upgraded over the past couple of years. I enjoy the heated seats and steering wheel in the winter and air conditioning seats in the summer. I love cars. I'll be sure to visit.

Mizé said...

Hi. Cars and tattoos, nice. This blog about cars ir cool, wish I could have only one Chevy SS, it must be a great drive. My Ford is ok, but nothing compared to those bomb cars.