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Hi everyone.
In my last post about blog advertising I mentioned that I was looking for more options to earn money with Night Clicks. I removed Adsense from this blog because it wasn´t converting at all. Adsense is working better for me in my blog about glass art, which (in the past three months) has a daily average of 200 visitors, and the majority comes from search engines (iupi). This is happening because my blog is in Google´s first page (3rd place, sometimes 4th) for the words "arte em vidro". Some days I have a 6/7% convertion rate, which I think is good for my simple blog. Night Clicks visitors don´t click in ads (ads blindness, remember?) so the best thing to do was to look for other options.
Well, I signed up Project Wonderful but they refused this blog. The reasons they presented didn´t convince me much but I´ve seen their advertising network ads in other blogs and the cost is very low, so I wouldn't´t earn much anyway.
The same happened with, they didn´t "match" this blog with any advertisers. Vadpay ads don´t fit in my blogs template, because they only have white as a background color, so I stopped showing their ads too. Maybe this ad work in other type of templates, I can´t provide more details because I didn´t use them long enough.
Adbrite has 50.00 payout, which I think is a bit high, like Kontera both are advertising options I haven´t tried yet. I don´t like the contextual advertising model they use when I visit other blogs that have it, so for now I won´t try it here.
Lately, I´ve seen other blogs promoting Performancing Ads network, which has an affiliate scheme too. I just read a review in Rachel´s blog, so I guess it won´t harm me trying, if they accept Night Clicks, lol. I´m making a joke out of this, but the issues involved in this rejection are a good material for a new post, totally dedicated to this topic. I will try this out and report my experience here. See you soon.

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Mar Matthias Darin said...

I use AdBrite and favor them highly. The payout isn't that good in the beginning. But if you give it time, they do build up after a while. The big plus for AdBrite is context advertising.

This is a slow but reliable advertising method and one I recomend.

Mizé said...

Hi Mathias. Thanks for visiting. I´ve noticed you´re using Adbrite and I think it´s great that it works for you. When I´m done with my crazy experiences I´ll consider your wise advice and opinion. Thanks for sharing it.
Best Regards.