Domain Names is a Growing Business

Every day new domain names are registered, and others expire. Maybe, like me, you already noticed that domain names is a growing business. For example, it seams that all domain names with four letters, and dot com, are taken and most domains with basic words were sold too. So, this domains are more valuable now, than some months ago.

Domains with few letters or basic words are being sold by thousands of dollars, check out registars and you´ll see what I´m talking about. Domain names maybe a good business for those who have invested in this area. I´ve seen advertising whith pages filled up with domains for sale, most related to business and money, keywords like loans, debt, credit cards, and others. So, what I´m trying to say is: there´s a lot to be earned in this field once it´s a growing business, but as moast online ventures it´s got risk involved.
See you soon.

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