Student Life: Goals Achieved

As you might know in the last six years I´ve been investing in my education and I hope next year I can finish my University course in Social Sciences area. This year I managed to pass all the exams I had and with good grades (16). I also did residence as internal in my city´s health center and I passed too. So, all I need to do to finish my course is a dissertation project, which is not easy at all.
I´m very happy for my efforts because if everything goes like I have planned, next year I can start selling my professional services and maybe new doors will open for me.
I dream about being my own boss, but in the area I picked it´s not easy, either you have the money to have your own office or you need to work for someone else. I think that the type of services I can provide are difficult to be sold online, so when I finish my course I think I have to look for a real job. As usual, I will share my progress here in Night Clicks.

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