Drop Until You Drop

Hi everyone.
By the tittle of my post maybe you already guessed that I´m going to talk about Entrecard. I´m very happy I found Entrecard, it´s a great community of bloggers but sometimes I have a hard time returning all drops, mostly because I have four blogs linked in my account.
Some days I make less drops, or just login to approve ads, but when I start dropping, I have a hard time to stop. It´s so addictive and fun! So, yesterday and the day before I returned all the drops, I dropped until I was so sleepy that I couldn´t read anymore: Drop until you drop :)
Since I joined Entrecard (3 months ago), I noticed a boost in my blog´s traffic (Alexa shows it), I have more comments, but most important of all I found very informative blogs and I´ve been learning from them.
I have around 10.000 ECs to spare, so I´m trying to sell them trough my blog. If you´re interested just mail me or leave a comment.
See you soon.

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