New Website That Rates Hosting Services

When I started blogging I choose a free platform, like most new bloggers do. I was a newbie with few tech knowledge, so eveything had to be the simplier possible. Having a blog in a free platform is very handy, it has no costs associated but it also has disvantages, like the possibility of loosing content and having less control over your blog.
I´ve read the advice several times in different blogs about blogging resources: If you´re serious about blogging you better have your own domain and a selfhosted blog. Now, it´s not easy for a newbie to make this type of decisions just a couple month after starting, it takes time, commitment, hard work and a learning curve.
As I mentioned in previous posts about hosting, I think that before you take any decisions, it´s important to look around and be informed .
Webhostingrating is a new website that was created with the objective of rating hosting services. Besides rating this type of services this new website provides articles with tech information that can be very helpful when you decide to take this step. For example, they have cPanel tutorials and info about cheap hosting.
So, if you´re looking for a new host or articles about webhost, check out this website, it´s a new, well designed, and has a good amount of content about hosting.

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