Netfreesource: My New Blog Dot Com

Hello everyone.
I´m very happy to announce that I bought my first dot com domain. I started a new blog in that domain, it´s called "Netfreesource".
In the past months I found many free resources on the internet, for bloggers or webmasters, students and teachers, moms, etc. I started posting in Night Clicks about this free resorces and slowly moved away from the initial focus of "earn money online" topics. I started Netfreesource to blog about net free resources, mostly free stuff with no catch or strings attached. I will work hard to make my new endeavour helpful. Hope to see you there.

2 comentários:

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new project Mize

Mizé said...

I´ll have more work now but I´m very happy because I love blogging. Maybe I should have done this months ago but I was too affraid of tech stuff.
I´ll have to post less frequently in some blogs but I think that buying my own domain was a good investment.