New Entrelogos For My Blogs

This weekend I decided to change the Entrecard logos of my blogs. The ones I was using are very common and I wanted something different.
Once I don´t have a very fancy or personalized template I also don´t have a logo in my blog´s themes that I can use, so I decided to search for free images that somehow were related to my blog´s topics.
I have found a few designers that make great templates and I´m very tempted in investing to improve the way my blogs look. But, until that happens, I´ll be using this images that I managed to resize to 125x125 pixels with a picture tool I found and which is available to download for free. In Netfreesorce I´m using a simple green logo with the name in it.

Night Clicks

My Country Home

Portuguese Menu

2 comentários:

Mar Matthias Darin said...

They look very nice.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by.
Glad you liked them, don´t have my blog´s names but for now they´re better than those I had.
Best Regards.