Investing More in Health

I started a health related course in 2002, because I always liked to help others and if I could I would do more good actions than I already do. In my first year in University I had Biology and Genetics. While in highschool, I´ve always liked this topics so I was very happy to have this subjects again.
In the first semester we studied genetics, like Mendel´s laws and heritage, and in the second we studied genetic diseases. I had to do a paper work About the Science facts in one of the topics available and I selected stem cells because I wanted to learn more about them.
I was amazed to discover that stem-cells can differentiate and become other types of cells, for example stomach cells. The recent investigation in this field shows that stem cells can be used to treat diseases that effect a large number of people, like Diabetes, Alzheimer and many others.
I think Stem cells research need to be supported because it can save many lifes. A few slow steps are being taken.
C'elle is a company that developed an exclusive stem cell technology that allows women to collect potentially life-saving stem cells found in menstrual blood. You can see the kit in this picture:

Scientific study of C'elle stem cells was recently published in the Journal of Cell Transplantation and other clients have shared their experiences as you can check on C'elle Client Testimonial page.
So, why not invest in our personal future healthcare and well-being collecting stem cells, it might be a life saver.

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