Blogging: Do you Blog on Sundays?

Yesterday, I started to work on tags here in Night Clicks, when I remembered that I hadn´t checked one of my mail in days.
I went to my mail box and it was almost full, many trash included. That´s what you get when you subscribe to a lot of things and try to get free reports and stuff, you end in a mailing list. It´s also very difficult to get rid of trash mails because I have my adress here in the blog.
Two mails caught my attention. In one, I had earned an enormous amount of money (iupi, I´m rich!) and in the other I was supposed to help a lady which inherited a big fortune. My gosh, so many scams out there. These mails are sent purely to get your personal data, and I don´t want to imagine what they do with the info.
While cleaning the e-mail box I noticed that I had offers to write. One was expired but the other one I have the chance to do. So, yes! I´m working in my blog on a Sunday. And you, do you blog on Sundays?

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