Night Clicks Topics: Making a Balance and Some Cleaning

Hi everyone.
I just reached the 300 posts mark, it may sound unbelievable, but it´s true. While reading old posts I realized that Night Clicks needs some cleaning again. Yeah, yeah, having a blog means you have to do blog maintenance, among other things, like writing posts, answering comments, socializing, trying to get links, traffic, etc.
I think my tag list is huge and some old posts are obsolete so I decided to do a little cleaning and I´m reorganizing the blog. This reorganization includes not only my old posts but also my future posts.
I recently started new blogs about other topics I like: food, parenting, and free internet resources so I need to organize my blogging focus as well. So, in this post I´ll share some of my thoughts, but it will work as a personal balance too.
I´ve been thinking about this topic and realized that the best thing to do is to return to my initial focus. As some of you might remember, I wanted to learn how to earn money online and started this blog with the objective of sharing my progress and what I´ve learned. I started earning a few bucks in GPT world and along the way I read a lot and learned a few things with others that earn money online and share their experiences. I was amazed to find so many scams out there and I learned that making money online isn´t a piece of cake, it takes a lot of time and work, specially with sites/blogs.
Most so called gurus make money online selling stuff (e-books, software, hosting, domains, etc), with advertising and affiliate schemes. It´s all about selling, marketing, recruiting and driving traffic.
I realized that this is not for me, I don´t want to sell stuff (specially useless stuff that promises to teach you how you´re going to get rich overnight, or the Adsense secret to earn millions) so I started blogging more frequently and fingering how to SEO and monetize a blog. I also found that I love web design and I admire those who know how to create beautiful templates and websites. This is my present stage.
I read Problogger, J.Chow, S. Pavlina and some other pros, I´ve learned with this exercise, but I don´t think that repeating exactly what they do is the right path for me either. I think what they do works only for them and each one has to find it´s own path, even if you don´t earn a cent, you should follow your own ideas. If you´re creative maybe you´ll stand out of the crowd, but be prepared to work on it, things don´t fall from the sky.
Currently I´m focused in my family, my blogs, and finishing my University course because I belive that someday I might be able to sell my professional services. I´ve been studying my complex profession for the passed six years of my life and I think that going back to school was the best decision I made.
To me, blogging is rewarding, and money is important but isn´t all. My perspective of money is peculiar but that´s subject for another post, this one is long enough. See you soon.

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