Advertising Networks for Blogs: Which Ones Work in MMO Niche?

After a long night writing, and a few more bucks earned, I´m back with blog monetizing topics. My post tittle is a really good question. Can you share your two cents?

Since April, I joined many different advertising websites looking for the best solution for Night Clicks blog. I started with Adsense but after some months I realised that it´s not a good option for this blog, although it´s working in my niche blog.
Adsense has no big secrets, so don´t buy any e-book that promises to unleash it´s bombastic secret because there is none, you can find all the info you need online, in Adsense site and webmasters guidelines, Adwords and in many other blogs and websites dedicated to this topic.
I joined different sites, tried this and that, but "addblindness" won. I earn more in one day with my niche blog that I earned all the time with Adsense in Night Clicks.
Blog advertising includes different types of adds. I´m trying other types besides contextual links, as you can check in my sidebar.
If you´re in MMO niche can you share which is the advertising network that works best for you? I´d appreciate some ideas, besides the classical, Adbrite, Kontera, etc.

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MIRA said...

Hi Mize thanks for this info, I will try signing up on this one. I'm writing for some 10 or 11 companies already, check them out here The Mister Linky only adds your links, and you can leave your comment anywhere in my post *wink*. Have a great day!

Mizé said...

Hi Mira. Thanks for your visit.
You´re welcome.
I normally post new opportunities I find and then I share my experiences here.
I will check your list soon, maybe there´s something new for me there.