New Company for Bloggers and Advertisers: iHype

Hi everyone.
As some of you might know, I´ve been looking for other advertising networks that allow me to monetize Night Clicks. Diversification is the key to a higher income, as you can learn from most bloggers that use this option and share their experiences. They all post advice like: "Don´t put all the eggs in one basket", "Have multiple streams of income" and "look for residual income". This last jargon is possible trough affiliate marketing.

Today I´d like to share that I signed up a new company that offers bloggers the opportunity of publishing reviews in their blogs and earn money doing this.
The new company is iHype and, currently, it´s in Beta. I saw their badge in another blog and decided to join. The signup process was very easy and my blog was approved in the same day.
iHype publisher features are attractive, check out the differences between this new network and others:

1) Get Paid Within 24 Hours - Being paid fast is important. Most companies pay net 15, 30 days or more.

2) Publishers Earn 100% Commission - This feature is different from other websites that charge you 35%, or even more, of your publishing earnings. In some companies, the advertiser pays a certain value and you only get a percentage of that value from your work.

3) Visitor Tracking and Disclosure Provided - Some advertisers want visitor tracking and disclosure notices included in posts. iHype provides bloggers with simple cut and paste code that can be inserted into each post that is published. All the tracking and disclosure is done automatically.

So, I´m trying this new revenue option and, as usual, I´ll share my experiences here in Night Clicks. I added their badge in my sidebar, next to the other options I´m using to earn money. If you want to monetize your website doing paid reviews, check out this new opportunity.

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