SEO Tool: Free Version of Traffic Travis Software

Hi everyone.
I came across a free SEO software that may interest some of you, it´s called Traffic Travis. I´ve been using this software with no problems (until now) and I think it´s useful.
Traffic travis offers a collection of essential market research tools, all in one place. This software provides:

~ Keyword Tools: Keyword finder rand keyword sorter;

~ Search Engine tools: Position/Ranking; Backlinks to site; Project Report;

~ PPC Analysis: Keywords/Details; Top sites for keywords; Most popular keywords; Websites keyword list;

~ Page Analysis: Analyze website;

Traffic Travis also lists other useful resources to learn SEO and other tools you can use in your keyword investigations. One of the tools they recommend is Wordtracker. I have a Wordtracker logo in my sidebar for some time now, they offer a free trial.
Traffic Travis has two options: A free version and the option to upgrade to a Pro version that allows you to build reports and has other features. Like many other free software, the free version offers less features than the paid version. If you want to access all features you have to upgrade.
The free version I´ve been using works ok, and it´s useful, even if I don´t access all features. This free version already has been updated twice, for free. So, check out this option you can use for free to complement Adwords Keyword tool, or other tools you´re using to do you keyword research.
You can download this SEO tool in TT website:
See you soon.

Image source: Traffic Travis Website

3 comentários:

sean said...

hmmm... I don't really like the look of that picture but the software seems ok.

where do your sites come in google search results?

Mizé said...

Hi Sean. Thanks for your visit and comment.
Yeap, Mr. Travis isn´t very cute but what counts is the software, right?
Which sites would you like to know more about? I have a few blogs and a new dot com site.
Best Regards. Mizé.

Mizé said...

To Project webmaster site (
Thanks for your visit but I deleted your comment because I don´t allow certain keywords in my comments.
I visited your site and saw my blog listed there, but the info in the description is not correct. Maybe you should check that.
About your question: For that goal, I recommend you use Adwords, you pay $5 once but you´ll have access to more info than any other tool can guive you.
Good luck with your site. Regards.