Blog Advertising Options: My Last Experiences

As I mentioned in a previous post about blog advertising, I´ve been experimenting a few new networks. This post resumes my latest experiences.
~ Project Wonderful accepted my Countryhome blog and I already have advertisers. I started with two ad spaces but maybe I should reduce it to one.

~ I´m trying Performacing ads in two blogs but no luck until now.

~ I´m also trying to sell the adspace myself. I don´t understand why people prefer to buy advertising from networks, they work as a middle-man and earn a percentage of the advertising revenue. Some blogs sell advertising space directly and I think it´s a good way to work. I will try this option in my new blog too.

~ To my surprise, my food blog was indexed very quickly and it´s generating a few Adsense clicks. It also started to have some SE traffic, which is good news for me.

~ I´ve added a Smorty banner in my sidebar because they recently launched a new advertising system, called Digxa Mini Stores, which is is a contextual form of product advertising, like Kontera and Adbrite have.
A product banner relating to text on posts will appear if your visitor placed his/her mouse over the text, if the banner is clicked on then a commission is earned. This type of product advertising can work, depending on the niche.
See you soon.

6 comentários:

Chris said...

People go through advertising networks because typically they get more variety.

Direct private ads do seem to be cheaper in the long run, however you have to keep tabs on all the private ads you buy so perhaps it's just more cumbersome than ad networks.

Rachel said...

Good luck with trying your different advertising schemes. I have had one person want to advertise on my performancing ads on my weight loss blog.

rjani said...

I haven't heard about Project Wonderful, I'll give it a try thanks, and you're right about private advertising, those networks take half the money. So if your blog big enough to get some advertisers directly, it's definitely worth it. However, for some smaller blogs these networks can pay out better, cause they get premium advertisers who pay more...

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for your visits and comments.
I agree, Advertising networks are more practical and easy to manage. I understand that for a small blog, like mine, it´s better to eran a few cents than nothing. I can´t stop the wave... But if everyone joins them, they will keep having the best deals, and living of it.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Thanks. I saw the ads in your blog, it´s a different niche. I think it has many opportunities because people think a lot about their looks. I´m happy it´s working for you, I signed up using your link.

max said...

nice blog,Good luck