Blogger Status: I Need Some Fun

Hi everyone.
Today I feel like saying: TGIF!
After all the work I had this week, both online and offline, I´m a bit tired because I haven´t slept enough. I need to relax, put my sleeping hours back in order and have some fun too.
I also need to reorganize my blogging agenda for my other blogs. School already started and I don´t have time to update the blogs as frequently as I do, so the best thing is to set a posting agenda and write some posts in advance for those days I won´t have time to blog. More work offline means less time to be online and I don´t want to burnout.
I have a few blogging resources to blog about but today it´s one of those days I feel like posting different stuff.
While searching for videos for my glass art blog, I came across this fun comercial that reminded me right away of another video I posted in My Country home blog, called "The story of stuff" .
Both are worth watching and good to reflect about today´s world.
See you soon, and have fun!

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