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Lately I haven´t seen much TV, but one sport that has the ability of keeping me glued to the screen is Pool or Snooker. Besides Football, and major events like the Olympics, Pool and Snooker are our favorite sports. We frequently watch British and Irish cups on Sports TV.
After work, my hubby plays Pool with a group of collegues in a café that has a good table. They organize championships by teams with prizes and all. When they practise toguether, they like to show off trying to do crazy Pool shoots, like the ones you can see in today´s featured video of SportsVids website:

20 Crazy Pool Shots - Click here for more sports videos

In SportsVids website you can find different types of online sports videos, like Football, Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, etc. This website is very entertaining, easy to use and free.
You can create a free Sports Vids account to upload your sports videos, share your favorite clips on your blog, make comments on other video clips or check the Forums. If you like sports vids, check out this website.
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