Template Problems: Changing Night Clicks Again

Hi everyone.
I´m in shock! Really.
I was visiting blogs trough Entrecard when I came across my own blog and found that the template I was using only works with Internet Explorer.
I can´t belive that after all I´ve been trough changing all the widgets, this template doesn´t work with Firefox, it looks all messed up.
Another lesson learned, I should have checked how the template works in both browsers. I´ll be working on this tonight and I hope I can find a good solution.

Update: I found this new template with 3 columns and I like it, it works fine, like all the others from Ourbloggertemplates website.
So, all I have to do is upload the widgets to my sidebars.
I´m glad I worked it out fast, I have a few reviews to post.

2nd Update - After removing the video I had in my last post, everything went back to normal. Thanks Jbelle for your tip. In fact it wasn´t the template, it was the video.

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JDBelle said...

hello! i guess it's not ur template. ur site is not working with firefox bcoz of one post that you have either it's a photo or video that's bigger compared to your main-wrapper that is smaller than the one that u've posted.u have same problem with my friend since she has small main-wrapper.try to adjust ur main wrapper to 500px or more.maybe that will help.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks a lot for the help. I was so stressed to see my blog messed up, I couldn´t think of anything else but a problem with the new template.

denana said...

I do not know what happens to your blog but hope it will well soon

JDBelle said...

no probs that's what blogging friends are for.

nwys, thanks for the link.

Ukion said...

Hi Miz,

I think you have chosen very nice and pro template.

Best regards,

PS, Thanks for your detailed review about my blog.