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By now you probably know I love food, I even started my own food blog to post my recipes.
One of my favorite dish is seafood. I think seafood is healthy, tastes great, and it´s a fresh product that you can find in most local markets. If you make seafood recipes at home, it´s not as expensive as some might think.
Yesterday I was browsing food sites and I came across two interesting seafood resources. One of this sites had a curious fact about shrimps. Recent investigations showed that shrimp has less cholesterol than most of us thought. Did you know that?
Well, I confess: shrimps, cooked in any way, are my favorite seafood dish. I can´t resist their sea taste. When I can I go to a fish market near where I live and I buy them fresh. It´s a feast when we have seafood as dinner. In my home we´re all seafood lovers and we´re lucky because we can buy them fresh and it´s not very expensive.
The other interesting resource is the website that has seafood recipes, it´s called The best recipe I found in this website is “Texas Gulf Shrimp”, by Chef Mark Holley from Texas. Next time I buy some shrimp I´m positive I will try this recipe, adding a bit of lemon juice in the end.
Besides having great recipes, GreatAmericanSeafood is running a guiveaway. If you visit the site and vote for your favorite seafood recipe from the top five, you have the chance to win a trip to New Orleans prize package. So, if you´d like to participate in this cook off and guiveaway, or just browse yummie seafood recipes, check it out.

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2 comentários:

Artbeat said...

As a lover of seafood and shrimps I will definitely visit those sites. I am not sure shellfish is always good for me a sometimes my mouth swells and tingles for a long time after I have enjoyed the meal. It must be som sort of alergic reaction but that does not stop me enjoying it.

Mizé said...

Hi Caroline. Thanks for your visit and comment. I like to visit your blog but never commented.
I love seafood too, all types.
It´s not nice to have allergies. If you know what is causing you allergie I think you should avoid it. I know it´s difficult to resist a good seafood dish...
Best Regards. Mizé.