Hi everyone, I´m back with a review of Rachel´s recent Blog.
Many posts ago, I mentioned that I´m a frequent reader of Rachel´s blogs. I read her blogs since I started blogging, about a year ago, and she´s always been a source of inspiration to me, specially in the MMO niche.
I wanted to review her new blog for some time now, but in the past weeks my new projects distracted me. After writing my last post about food I remembered her new blog, called Losingweightandgettinghealthy.com and decided to review it today.
Losingweightandgettinghealthy is a weight loss blog, updated daily, where Rachel reports her progress trying to lose extra weight in a healthy manner.
Her plan of action is to dicrease calorie intake and increase exercise. She´s also aimimg in balancing her meals, cuting down the carbs and adding low fat protein in each meal.
Rachel posts her daily calories intake, healthy recipes and reviews of services and products related to healthy dieting. She also adds her personal touch by blogging about her actions and the choices she makes in ingredients and recipes.
So, if you´re trying to lose weight, check out her blog, maybe you´ll find new ideas.

2 comentários:

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for the review.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. You´re so welcome!
You´re a big inspiration to me, I´ve learned a lot from you.
I´m a frequent reader of your blogs and when I visit Turnonepoundintoonemillion I always find new ideas to MMO. This review is only a way to show my appreciation and it´s nothing compared to what I´ve learned from you.