Entrecard: Defining Rules

Hi everyone.
On 16th of the current month, Entrecard defined rules for blogs included in the community. I won´t copy all the rules in this post, you can read them in Entrecard site.

I read all the rules and I agree with them, specially:
~ All blogs must have the Entrecard Widget
~ Blogs with no content are removed
Another new rule includes blogs that do paid posts, this blogs must have original content.
Well, I enjoy being in Entrecard, it transmits me a sense of belonging and I enjoy reading many of the blogs I visit. I don´t make more drops every day because I like reading, although I should comment more otherwise bloggers don´t know I´ve been reading their posts.
Well, lets see what happens with Night Clicks.
See you soon.

2 comentários:

Pinay Mom in Czech Republic said...

thanks for sharing these things.

Mizé said...

Thanks for your visit and comment.
You´re welcome.
I try to post things related to my blog world that may interest others too.