Independent Investing Tools Website

Inner8 is a new website in the independent investing area that launches this week as an invitation-only private beta site. This website has a totally new concept and was designed to provide investors sophisticated tools powered by proprietary analytics, and the focused wisdom of a connected investing community.
Inner8 offers sophisticated analytics and correlation technology to translate your market views and guide the community’s top investors into smarter investments and better money management results, customized to your unique needs. With this tools you won´t need to pay fees for advisers, brokers or newsletters anymore.
Inner 8 objective is to be the next revolution in personal investing.
To get started, all you need to do is register in the website and start using it, it´s free. After you created your account you will get a few ideas right away or you can create your own “Inner Circle” of any number of trusted investing friends and Inner8 members for even more personalized, profitable stock ideas. This investing community allows you to offer your views and insights as well and become a trusted source in the community. The goal to join this community is to learn, share experiences and start investing with more confidence.


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