Two Websites to Play with Pictures

Weekend is perfect to play around and do those things we can´t do everyday because we don´t have the time, so I´m back with more fun stuff.
If you like playing around with pictures like I do, probably you´re going to have fun with this two websites, like I did. I came across this websites while searching for pictures.
It´s those sites where you can upload pictures to frame or give them a different look. My favorite it´s the first one, I uploaded a picture of myself to check how I looked in the 50th and it was to much, I couldn´t stop laughing.
I think the first site I saw in a blog, just can´t remember which. Anyway, if you like this type of stuff, check out:

~ - Check how you looked in the past

~ - Create a Posh gallery

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Thomas SG said...

That was hilarious! I tried it with my graduation picture and it was awesome. I couldn't stop trying different pictures!
Great Find!

Mira said...

Thanks for the links, I will try it later. Thanks too for congratulating me on my PR. Good thing I still retained the PR3 I've got on Mira's Web Journal and I was surprised that my other 3 blogs earned new PR's as well. But hey we're at the mercy of google when it comes to PR ranking so I can only wish that they stay the same way longer, LOL. Have a great week ahead!
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Mizé said...

Hi Thomas. Thanks for your visit and comment.
Yeap, the first site is great, I couldn´t stop laughing when I first saw myself. I had a good time playing with photos and though I´d share.