My "Blog Awards Week"

Hi again.
I´m writing this post to mark this week as my "Blog Awards Week" and to organize my next posts here in Night Clicks.
This week was amazing and hectic. Earnings weren´t bad but the best part was my social life in our blogosphere.
My Countryhome blog received the "Awsome Award" from Nilz, from Fancyshoppe blog. I already passed this award, but only to two bloggers. My art blog received an award by another artist blogger and now I have to pass this one too.
More recently, I was tagged by "Mathias Chronicles". The rules of this tag include writing a post with seven random facts about me and tag seven friends. Uauch, I don´t know if I can tag so many people at once. Well, I´d like to say that this post is not forgotten, I just need a little more time.
I also have other posts in mind. I promised Atniz to share my experiences with SS, and I haven´t wrote this post yet. So, I´m busy with all this stuff, plus writing posts for all my blogs.
Catch you later.

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