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As you might know, I´m trying to live more frugally to save money and pay my plot´ loan faster. I can consider myself lucky because, contrary to many Portuguese, I have a rather comfortable situation.
I can imagine the pressures people feel when they try to get out of debt but the snowball is so big they can´t seem to stop it.
Most people who have serious debt may feel ashamed to look out for professional services to help them, or may think they need to ask new loans to pay old debts.
With online services like NetDebt you can get all the information you need to mend your situation in a more confidential way. So, if you need some solutions and new ideas, check out what this innovative website has to offer.

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Allready add you on my blogroll. Thank you so much

Mizé said...

Ok. Added you too. You´re welcome.
See you.