25 Blog Directories With PR

Hi everyone. Blogging on Sunday again. Yesterday was a working night too, you can see by the number of posts I did.
Now that I have new blogs, I have to think about my link strategie. I started to look for more link exchange (it still works) and free links with link love.
A good way to get free link exchanges is in blog directories. I posted a list of blog directories before but this one is updated with the best PR sites I found until now. I listed them with no order in special:

~ Blogcatalog
~ Bloghop
~ Mybloglog
~ Bloggernity
~ Blogflux
~ Topblogarea
~ Blogtopsites
~ Blogshowoff
~ Blogdigger
~ Bloggernow
~ Myblogdirectory
~ Blogsoldiers
~ Blogcarnival
~ Blogsearch
~ Weblog-index
~ Bloggapedia
~ Bloglines
~ Blogrankings
~ Internetlisted.net
~ Topblogs
~ Bloghub
~ Topblogging
~ Blogorama
~ Topwebblogs
~ Millionbloglist

The process of submiting blogs to directories takes time. You´ll need to prepare a good description of your blog (respecting each directory maximum number of words) and define keywords you´re using. A faster way to do this is previously writing your text in a word documment and then, copy & paste. In each directory you´ll need to fill a form with the required info, so if you prepare it in advance you´ll save some time.
Most of this blog directories ask for a link back, many provide both options, a button or a link. Now, you may not like to have your blog´ sidebar filled up with buttons, but think twice because nowadays we´re living the "link era".
So, for the next weeks I´ll be submitting my blogs to all this directories, ufff.
See you soon.

3 comentários:

aria said...

good post, but why u not make a link to that directories, so I just click from your page and submit my blog to them.

sapimoto said...

It's very usefull for me, thanks for share the information.

Mizé said...

Hi. This first comment is nice of you but I´m not sure if I´m keeping the link, only if you exchange with me.

Hi Aria. I didn´t link myself to all the directories due to my linking policy. It would be confortable for my visitors but not very favorable to my linking strategie. Thanks for your visit and comment.

Hi Sipimoto, thanks for visiting. I´m glad it´s useful to you. I visited your site but didn´t understand a word, I guess I need a translation tool :)
Best Regards.