My Experience With SS Website

Hi everyone.
I promised Atniz to share my experiences with Social Spark website in a post. Atniz is a friend blogger I meet trough Entrecard.
Maybe my experience is useful to others bloggers. So here it goes:
I signed up SS in the beginning of April and my blog was approved in three days. At first, I didn´t understand how the site worked and took me a few days until I figured how to get sponsors. I had to read the TOS, and carefully check all the options and buttons in the website.

Briefly it works like this: When you visit the marketplace all the opportunities that have a double green square (in the right side of the screen) are opened to you, in theorie. When you click to check the opportunity details your yellow bar on the top right has a few options. If it says "take this opportunity", the post is yours right away. If it says "wait for a slot", you´ll be added to a cue of bloggers that already offered to do that opportunity.

When new slots open, if you qualify, you´ll get an e-mail saying that the task is reserved for you and you have 12 hours to complete it and submit to approval. The 12 hours start counting when SS sends you the e-mail. You get this e-mails in 2 places: your e-mail account and your inbox in SS website.
Sometimes I miss opportunities due to the time differences between our countries, I get e-mails at night and when I check them in the site they already expired.
Once the time runs out, the only thing you can do is go back to SS and check the status of that opportunity. If it´s opened you can reserve a spot in the blogger´s cue again. If you´re lucky, and they have many slots, you get the e-mail again. I got that second e-mail once

There are more opportunities for US bloggers. When you open an opportunity, before you reserve, read the requirements first, that´s where you´ll find the info to know all you need to include in your post to be accepted by Costumer Love. Some sponsors require images or videos.

At first I was confused because I didn´t know how to submit a task. It works like this:
After writing the task, you have to go back to SS marketplace and click in that opportunity. If the 12 hours haven´t passed you´ll see the message "opportunity reserved" in your right side toolbar. If you click in that option you´ll be taken to a new page with the task description.
In the bottom of that page you have a space to enter your task url, tittle, and other details asked. Fill up the form and the captcha and you´re ready to submit your task. To confirm that it was received, check out your message box in SS site. You should see a confirmation message saying "Post Created".

The payment is made after 30 days of completing the task. The minimum payout is $20.00. When you reach this value you hit the payout button and the money is instantly sent to your Paypal account.

About the links in the posts: They´re all "no follow" links. As I mentioned, I signed up SS in April and I wan´t penalized by Google in Night Clicks PR. In fact, before the last update, that took place in the last days of July, I had PR1 and now I have PR 2 (maybe not for long, lol). If there was a problem with SS links or code I would have been penalized, but I wasn´t, so I guess their links are Ok for big G.

The problem in doing this type of blog advertising is when you use "dofollow" links. Google considers that you´re selling links and "rewards" you with a PR0. You can have thousands of links pointed to your blog from sites with PR, but if you´re selling links (both in posts and in your sidebar) your behaviour isn´t appropriate, according to big G Webmasters Guidelines.

Ok, that´s all for now. See you soon.

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