What Would You Do With a Big Money Prize?

This was the question my daughter asked me this afternoon, and she´s only eight. I´m not a daydreamer and I had to think for a while before answering because I never though much about the impact a big sum of money would have in my life. Ok, I´ll tell you the whole story.
Well, lately my daughter has been asking me to learn English. I think it´s a great idea, I started learning with her age and it was a good investment, although I spent many years without practicing what I had learned.
Today we went to an English private school to check if the classes timetables would match her school´s. We weren´t very lucky because the school was closed for renovation. Once we were getting a bit hungry we decided to stop in a café before going home.
When we were in the cafe my daughter noticed a poster which announced this week´s huge Euromillion´s jackpot. I don´t like gambling (and bad luck games) very much but now and then I spend two Euros in a ticket to try my luck, which is none :)
After buying the ticket my daughter asked me what I would do with all that money. I stopped for a while to think about her question and then I described what I would do. Want to know what I would do? Ok, I´ll share some of my dreams.
Now, if I won a big prize in Euromilhões I would invest half of the money for our retirement and I would spend the other half. First I would build my countryhome in our plot. After building and decorating our house I would buy a new RV and drive throughout Europe, with no fixed plans to return (if I could).
I would leave Algarve in a spring sunny day towards south Spain. I would revisit Sevilha and then drive up north. I would cross France, with a few stops in the way, and then roam towards Holland. Amsterdam is one city I´d love to visit but I would also like to see the flower fields they have in nearby villages.
By this time, Summer would have begun and then I would drive to Great Britain. After being tired of Europe, I would take one of this new motorhomes and drive back to our cosy Algarve. After some weeks I would take a plane to know other destinations like coast states in US, Brasil, México and Cuba. Not bad for a dream, hã?
And you, what would you do with a big money prize?

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