Where would you have an overseas holiday home?

In a recent conversation with a friend that frequently travels, she asked me where would I like to have an overseas holiday home. Seems that lately everyone´s asking me never-ending ifs. I guess people just want to know me better and I confess I like sharing my opinions.
Sometimes, it´s much better to have this type of conversations, you can let your mind go and pretend your dreams can come true. Well, I will share my thoughts about this topic here too.
If I could have an overseas holiday home my first choice would be my own country and secondly south Spain. Well, once I´m in Europe, this two countries aren´t really overseas but those are my choices, without questioning.
There are innumerous reasons I could point out to have a holiday home in this two countries, but I will only share a few, otherwise this would be a very long post.
Portugal and Spain both have an old culture and a famous history. Both countries have an excellent weather, are located near the warm Atlantic/Mediterranean waters and have similar cultures. You can find great views, beautiful monuments and museums, which means both countries are rich in arts and architectonic patrimony.
Spain is a well developed country which has a stable economy and supports both agriculture and fishing. Another very strong reason is because both are producers of my favorite food ingredients. I can´t think of a summer holiday without our fresh seafood and spiritual wines.
A good way to put my plan in practise was to contact a property investment property agents, take a look at some brochures and visit the places myself. I would utilize this type of services to decide the best place to buy a holiday house and get advice about my future investment. This type of services are very useful when you want to buy a property in a foreign location because you´ll need legal advice about all the aspects of your purchase. Well, I guess both countries would be a perfect choice, don´t you agree ?

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