Blogger Personal Stuff: My Daughter is Learning English

It´s a great feeling to see our kids growing, makes me realise I´m getting older, lol.
My daughter started learning English today as an extra activity in public school. She´s very excited about it, and I guess I´m too. Portuguese is a great language, difficult to learn but English is international. Nowadays, in my country, it´s very important to learn it.
A good thing is I have kept all my school books in English and now she can use them as well as my dictionaries. My daughter is 8, but she already has an e-mail and knows how to search stuff on the Internet. Sometimes she visits sites with games in English and asks me to translate the instructions for her. Learning English will be a good tool for her future, as it is for me.
Today I felt like writing personal stuff, maybe because I´m sick, but soon I´ll be back to work on some useful stuff. See you.

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Gem said...

Wow! That's good to hear. My kid likes games too, but I still have second thoughts on giving her an email address.

I just don't want those offensive spam reaching her spam folder.

My daughter knows English too. :)

Mizé said...

Hi Gem. Thanks for your comment.
I have a problem when I want to comment in Lady Programer blog, even when I loggin my Google account first, sometimes the comment form doesn´t allow me to post my comment. The same happens in Mira and Carlotta blogs. Do you know how I can fix this?

I got an iol (portuguese)mail for her, she doen´t get any spam because she only gave her mail adress to friends. So, for now it´s safe. She mails me nice messages, type, I love you, etc.
It´s nice you daughter knows english, it´s a very good tool for her future, look at us, lol.

Gem said...

You're the second person to tell me about the problem in posting comments. I don't really know what's causing the problem. She had to retype her comment again (which gets published).

That's great to hear. I'd probably do the same tip as you did. I also love getting "I love you messages" from my kid - out of the blue.