SEO Software: LotusJump

SEO includes a vast range of factors that can influence a website´s ranking. To SEO your website or blog you have two options, either you contract professional services to manage your campaign or you do it yourself.
SEO services are expensive and for a simple blogger like me an affordable choice was to learn and apply that knowledge the best I can.
I use different tools to measure my results but there are other effective ways any webmaster can use, like SEO software. I think it´s a good help to have a tool that does more than examining partial results. Webmasters with less expertise on this field need to have precise directions.
LotusJump is a new web-based SEO tool designed to help small business owners manage their own search engine optimization efforts. This tool was developed by a group of SEO specialists with the objective to create an efficient, simple, fast and low cost SEO software that could be used without technical knowledge.
To use LotusJump SEO Software first you have to provide information about your site, then you can begin optimizing your site because the LotusJump software will assign you relevant SEO tasks that include clear and detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you trough the process so you don´t feel confused. As you complete the tasks, your search engine rankings will improve.
In this company´s website you can check how the sign-up works and watch a demo too.


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