Blogger Personal Stuff: Wedding Anniversary

Hi everyone. Today is my wedding anniversary. Yeap, we make 8 years of official marriage but 14 of life toguether. I married in Estoi´s Catholic church, in 2000, and celebrated my daughter´s baptism in the same day. She was eight months old. It was a two in one party with over 300 guests.
I have many pictures and video to remember that day, it was a lot of work but looking back it was worth.
Old Portuguese people say that each seven years the marriage begins a new phase, so my first stage is completed. Guess I´m ready for the future ones, lol.
See you.

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Babette said...

Happy wedding anniversary! :o)

Mizé said...

Hi Babette. Thanks for commenting.
It´s a positive day to remember but we´re not doing anything special, although we should but it´s a week day. Tomorow my hubby works early and my daughter has school.
There goes our romantic night, lol.

Gem said...

Wow! An anniversary! I think I missed this, it's already 29 Oct as I am writing this comment.

You have lots of guests - well it's actually the same well here in the Philippines (for Roman Catholic weddings).

Happy anniversary!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello mize =)

I am sure you enjoy being married! I do too!

Happy anniversary! and may God shower you and your family more blessings!