My Home Office Project

My family lives in a T3 flat. Eight years ago, when we moved to this flat we furnished two rooms, one for me and hubby and one for my daughter. The third room was reserved for my mother when she visit us and was empty most time because she can only come to Algarve once a month.
When I started studying in University I felt the need of having a quiet place to do my reports. I also started buying books and soon, one corner of the living room was transformed in a home office. The problem was the TV always on after dinner. I can´t concentrate with noise and soon realized that I needed an appropriate space just for myself.
Then, we decided to use the empty room and transformed it in a home office. Because this project was expensive I decided to do it by steps. I already had a desk but I needed other furniture to complete the set.
We bought a bookshelf, an office chair and lamps. In my first years of University, one bookshelf had enough space to keep all my books but nowadays, I don´t have anymore space. I have books stored in boxes and spread in my flat, specially in my living room.

What I really need to complete this project is made to order furniture. I could use one corner in this room and build a small library to keep and organize all my books. This way I wouldn´t spend much to complete my home office project and the furniture would be made just like I want, with the right color and number of shelves. I think made to order office furniture is a good solution both for a new project or to complete a furniture set, like in my case.

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bloggersmosaic said...

i do love fixing thing !specially moving things around home and office

Mizé said...

Hi. thanks for commenting.
I like to organize things, but this time I need to buy more furniture to complete my home office. It´s getting chaotic, lol.